July 22nd, 2009

CoH/V Aion EVE Online Champions

Well on July 12th I got my City of Heroes 54 month Veterans Reward.

Yep 4.5 years.

On July 16th I finally got my first character to the cap 50th level.

This opened up the Kheldians Arch-Type for me. True I could have power leveled and gotten here a lot earlier but I just never could get behind that. Besides, by doing most of it solo there is a sense of accomplishment.

There are problems with soloing though. I had started a SuperGroup with three others. One dropped almost immediately when he got married and no time to play. The second played quite a bit and leveled to 50 almost 3 years ago. The Third played more than I did but less than the other. She got 50 and was playing with her husband on another server more.

Playing the game is fun but just not as interesting as it once was. Right now I am enjoying the Beta of Aion. How the real full time game will play out, I am not sure. I have never been much for PvP and it is a big part of the higher levels with Aion. In CoH there are multiple contacts and many different enemies even if it gets a bit repetitive. Different types (Tank, scrapper, defender. etc) get different missions. Different origins, (Natural, Science, Magic) seem to get different enemies and therefore different missions and rewards.
Aion is pretty linear. Lots of different tasks but after you run a mage through, going back to the beginning and running a warrior or ranger through has very little different so I am unsure how this will play out.

I have also been looking at EVE Online.
It reminds me quite a bit of Elite a game I played for hours on the Commodore 64,

After looking on line for Elite, I found this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elite_(computer_game)
In interviews, the senior producers of CCP Games have cited Elite as one of the inspirations for their acclaimed Eve Online MMORPG.[9] Thorolfur Beck in particular said that Elite was the game that impacted him most on the Commodore 64, and that it was the prime motivator behind Eve Online.

Eve appears to have mostly PvP but that can be pretty much avoided if you want to stick to the "safe" worlds. Kinda like what you would really expect out there.

So the question is $15 a month for Eve or for Aion? Do I keep CoH or am I done with it? and how different will the Champions MMO be?
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