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Oct. 8th, 2010

Potato Soup

I like to cook. I just don't really like to cook just for myself.

So I got a craving.
Growing up we did not have a lot of extra money.
We were clean and fed enough but there were times that Mom and Dad were worried.

One of the meals that I can remember from these times is Potato Soup.
Mom would peel and cut potatoes, with me stealing and eating chunks of the raw potato.

Potatoes, milk, a bit of butter and as I grew up bits of onion. Real simple fare.

Yet in over 20 years I did not try to make my own. Not sure why but I have been resisting making my mom's recipes.

So, I came home Monday night hungry for Potato soup.

Hooters has a good version.
Lone Star steak house has a good one.
Campbells soup is not too bad.
But most of them are "creamy", include cheese or other items that fill it out but take it far away from simple fare.

And all of them are closed at 2am.


No potato soup for me.

That mean I needed to start digging.
Opening my freezer I found a package of Ore-Ida Steam-n-Mash potato chunks.
Originally made for mashed potatoes I realized that they were just chunks of potatoes in a bag to heat in the microwave.
They had been in the freezer for quite a while but were still under the expiration date.

They called for microwaving for 8min with 2 min cooking in the bag after. then mixing and mashing.

Inspiration hit. Microwaving for 6 minutes the potatoes were semi-soft in the bag.
Dumping them into the pan, I added milk and started heating it.
Stirring it to keep it evenly heating I got the milk hot and pulled it from the stove.

putting some in a bowl with diced onions, shallots and some butter. I pigged out.

The potatoes package says that after it is mashed there 'should' be enough for 7 servings.

This made one serving albeit a HUGE serving. I kept eating as I was not quite sure how to keep and reheat it. :-)

Very good but simple meal. Thanks Mom.
Maybe one of these days I will break down and cook her roast beef and noodles.

Closest recipe I could find on the net was,2248,154180-224203,00.html

They dump part of the water used to boil the potatoes out and replace it with milk.
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Mar. 25th, 2010

Writing advise that actually might be useful for TV.

If only we could get more writers to read this.

Pulled from there )</p></div></div></div></div>

Mar. 22nd, 2010

Nature at its finest

The Owl Box

Carlos put up an owl box in his yard.
In the box he put one color camera and one Infra-red camera.
Color for Daytime, IR for night.
He switches the live feed and it runs on the net.

A female Barn Owl moved in (Molly) and her mate (McGee) visits.
5 eggs were laid and one has hatched (Max).

It is kinda addicting watching her nest and take care of Max.

Guess some people are born owlcoholics.
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Mar. 12th, 2010

My mind just went Daaaa What?


Ok news from 2008 but I just found it.  )

this is the state where some schools still hold seperate proms, one for whites and one for blacks

Charleston High School had its first-ever integrated prom - in 2008. Until then, blacks and whites had had separate proms even though their classrooms have been integrated for decades
Why this suprised me I am not sure.
Ever the Optomistic Pessimist (Absolutly 100% sure things will go bad) and Still I am dumbfounded by things like this.

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Nov. 29th, 2009


Well, it has been a interesting month.
Dumping all the dumping behind a break. )

Maybe I get a life as a christmas present.

Sep. 14th, 2009

eBook readers

Most of the PDA and handhelds that I have bought over the years have been purchased for two reasons.

Writing and reading. Due to the fact that I can read and do some other tasks at the same time they were mostly used for reading.

Some were better and some were worse but the biggest issue was that each would only read a few types of things well.

Spacesaver )
this lead to

An eBook reader that does almost every ebook format with a 16GB SD card reader and a user replaceable battery. For $199 til Sep 30th.

I got mine last week. So far only a couple of the ebooks from the Usenet have caused any issues.
seems really well constructed


Sep. 7th, 2009

The Guild - Do You Wanna Date My Avatar


Jul. 22nd, 2009

CoH/V Aion EVE Online Champions

Well on July 12th I got my City of Heroes 54 month Veterans Reward.

Yep 4.5 years.

On July 16th I finally got my first character to the cap 50th level.

This opened up the Kheldians Arch-Type for me. True I could have power leveled and gotten here a lot earlier but I just never could get behind that. Besides, by doing most of it solo there is a sense of accomplishment.

There are problems with soloing though. I had started a SuperGroup with three others. One dropped almost immediately when he got married and no time to play. The second played quite a bit and leveled to 50 almost 3 years ago. The Third played more than I did but less than the other. She got 50 and was playing with her husband on another server more.

Playing the game is fun but just not as interesting as it once was. Right now I am enjoying the Beta of Aion. How the real full time game will play out, I am not sure. I have never been much for PvP and it is a big part of the higher levels with Aion. In CoH there are multiple contacts and many different enemies even if it gets a bit repetitive. Different types (Tank, scrapper, defender. etc) get different missions. Different origins, (Natural, Science, Magic) seem to get different enemies and therefore different missions and rewards.
Aion is pretty linear. Lots of different tasks but after you run a mage through, going back to the beginning and running a warrior or ranger through has very little different so I am unsure how this will play out.

I have also been looking at EVE Online.
It reminds me quite a bit of Elite a game I played for hours on the Commodore 64,

After looking on line for Elite, I found this
In interviews, the senior producers of CCP Games have cited Elite as one of the inspirations for their acclaimed Eve Online MMORPG.[9] Thorolfur Beck in particular said that Elite was the game that impacted him most on the Commodore 64, and that it was the prime motivator behind Eve Online.

Eve appears to have mostly PvP but that can be pretty much avoided if you want to stick to the "safe" worlds. Kinda like what you would really expect out there.

So the question is $15 a month for Eve or for Aion? Do I keep CoH or am I done with it? and how different will the Champions MMO be?
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Jul. 9th, 2009

NCsoft Response

Response from NCsoft Help desk below the Cut. )

I really like Aion and will be buying it It is not a reaplacement for TR and is quite a bit more linar than CoH/V but so far I have had a lot of fun learning it.

If anyone would like to see screenshots Photos.Whyy.Net

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Jul. 7th, 2009

Aion Closed Beta Jul 2-6

Played Aion again this weekend. Closed Beta as they are still trying to "region-alize" the game for the US, Europe and possibly other areas.

The game has been out in Korea and China for a bit and they are now bringing it to the rest of the world.

space saving cut. Read if you want ;-)  )
Overall Aion is a very nice polished game with few flaws. Most of the issues I have hit were caused by Players and this is true of any on-line game. Having an ignore on chat is a good thing.
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Jun. 23rd, 2009

Second Beta weekend of Aion.

Second Beta weekend of Aion.

Continued behind the cut for those that are interested. :-) )
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Jun. 8th, 2009

Life, the Universe, and everything.. Wait that title is taken.

Ok time for the first entry of the new year.

Oh wait.

Well I just did not have anything else to say until now. After TR closed I did not play City of Heroes. Actually thinking of closing the account.
Problem there is I spent so much time getting those characters to where they are and each is so different. I feel like I am killing them off in some universe (ficton) somewhere.


Just finished the "closed Beta" of Aion. NCSoft gave it out as an prize to the people that played Tabula Rasa when it was shut down. Aion is an interesting game. As the Beta just ran this weekend and it took most of Saturday to download the 5Gig game at 332k I got up about 10am and started playing. They shut it down about 30 minutes ago. :-)

I have not played Warcraft but I don't think this is a WoW beater. but then I really liked Tabula Rasa and it tanked.
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Nov. 19th, 2008


Just a few songs that brighten up my day.
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Nov. 18th, 2008

Go Watch

One of the vast collections that will post this link I am sure.

Go Watch.


Oct. 27th, 2008

The Steve Miller Band

I went to a concert last night :-)

The Steve Miller Band

Great concert. If you like his music go see his show.

What?, you say he has not produced an album in years?

He just finished recording several tracks at "Skywalker Ranch" and he played several of them.


I only had a couple of issues with the concert. )
My issues were with the venue not the concert.

One of the more fun concerts I have been to

Oct. 18th, 2008


Just browsed through a catalog and there was a t-shirt that I had to laugh at.

Basically it pointed out that there was incontrovertible proof that the bible was made up.

"3 wise men"

Get Serious


Oct. 3rd, 2008

Political hoo hah, disguised as a meme.

Political hoo hah, disguised as a meme. )

Sep. 10th, 2008

PC issues

We had a really good storm a couple of days ago. Remnents from Gustov I think.
I had gone out to get some dinner and when I came back my PC (always on, major UPS/surge supressor) had error messages all over the screen.
It looked like a virus had just gone nuts. Ran the Anit-virus, and anti-malware, and anti-spyware and several other programs and nothing showed up.
No problems encountered, hummmm?

I decided to let it set for a bit to see if any errors would resurface. One hour on and still no problems.
Ok. I decided it was safe and clicked on a program. No idea what it was but bam error messages popping like fireworks. then BSoD.

First one that I had on that machine in months. The system does it thing and restarts. and instead of a windows boot I get.


Hmm, well ain't that cute. Here HP installed windows XP on the PC and made a recovery partition (on the same drive) and I can';t get to it because the disk won't boot.
No floppy so the system would not make a recovery floppy disk set. And it appears that I waited just a bit to long to make that recovery CD I had been working on.


So until I get that PC back up and running, I will be on one of my backups. That means I may forget to go read my mail on the web. I think I have most of the email addresses i need but...

If you need me you can

1. call
2. send an email (no promises)
3. make a comment to this and I'll try to get back to you.

Hope this reminds you all to make the backups that you keep thinking about but never do.

With just under 4 Terabytes of storage I could have easily backed everything up to multiple drives. but didn't. so.

Make your backups and keep making them.
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